Photos – an obsession

Photos and art are one of my interior obsessions – hence my first ever post on this site being an image of just some of the photos lining the wall  next to the stairs.

To me, photographs liven up and personalise a home. Every time I walk up or down the stairs I’m reminded of a moment in time – holidays, festivals, time spent enjoying life with the family. My own particular style is to mix a variety of different and mismatched frames – I love the informality this lends to a collection.

Featured at the top of this shot is a photo I bought quite recently at Spitalfields Market in London, which shows a very dark building with lights at the top spelling out “Everything is going to be alright”.

Having looked it up online, I believe it’s a permanent installation by artist Martin Creed, at the Bob Rennie Art Gallery in Chinatown. I love it – the style, the simplicity, the light against the dark, the message… And most importantly of all, it makes me smile (a vital factor in many of the objects I’ve chosen for my home).

This is just one example of my love for typography – not only do you get the beauty of the letters themselves  (I’m quite partial to a bit of Gill Sans myself), but also the art conveys whatever sentiment is being expressed. Two for the price of one, as far as I’m concerned!

I’m a big fan of informality in making a house feel like a home, and in the collection shown above I’ve included self-portraits done by my sons when they were pretty young. My elder son got in quite a lot of trouble for drawing himself with his tongue sticking out – whatever happened to artistic expression?




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2 responses to “Photos – an obsession

  1. Louise

    Great blog Rach, love the chair! 🙂

  2. Love it!
    The lamp’s my favourite part, of course…….

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