My precious (and not at all child friendly) design classic

As the parent to young children, you get used to not having nice stuff around. There’s no point – with two boys in residence, things somehow just always seem to end up broken.

So it was a special day around 18 months ago when I decided that the time had finally come. My terrors were of an age when I could bring a precious object into my house, without fear that within days it would be smashed to smithereens. My design classic of choice was something I’d lusted after for a very long time – the Kartell Bourgie lamp. The perfect juxtaposion of a traditional shape with an ultra-modern material, this perspex piece of preciousness was a much longed for object. Designed by Ferruccio Laviani, its baroque shape is exquisitely rendered in transparent polycarbonate.

Not that that means anything to my kids. So here’s my terrible confession. I told my eldest that if he broke the lamp, he’d have to pay for it out of his pocket money. For the next five years. And as for my youngest (who didn’t have any pocket money to pay for his crime against interiors) – I told him that if he broke it, I’d sell all his toys to pay for a new one.

Yes, I really did. I know that’s terrible, and probably not how you should bring up kids. But I still stand by my threat – mainly because my beautiful Bourgie is still in pristine condition, untouched by grubby hands.



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