Allium inspiration

As it’s so beautifully sunny today, I’ve spent most of the day out in the garden. And so the inspiration for my post are these stunning purple alliums, just coming out in our rather bedraggled and unloved garden.

I was particularly taken with how beautiful they looked contrasted against the weathered silver of the fence, and was struck by what a lovely colour combination that is. Which got me thinking – how would these particular colours work in an interior? Here’s some examples:

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of Design Sponge.

I know this one’s a bit more blue than purple, but still love the colour combo. Image courtesy of the The Design Files, via downandoutchic.

I think I’m convinced – purple and silvery-grey really are a match made in heaven (well, my garden at least).




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2 responses to “Allium inspiration

  1. I love these two colours together.. at Christmas our colour scheme was just this and it worked really well. It had the feel of a winter chalet in the Alps!

  2. Oooh, that’s given me some great ideas for next Christmas – nice to get away from the traditional red and white!!

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