Three cheers for the pineapple

Sometimes a little frivolity is a good thing. My pineapple lamp is a case in point – slightly ridiculous, entirely non-essential, but nonetheless an object that fills me with unbounded joy.

About a year ago, I sent some pictures of my house to the LivingEtc See My Home online forum, and rather amazingly won the House of the Month award. My prize – very gratefully received – were some vouchers to spend at the treasure trove that is Graham & Green. With page after page of lovely goodies, I found it impossible to choose what I wanted.

Until I came across the pineapple lamp, that is. Is it too over the top to say that it spoke to me? All I know is, it made me smile like a Cheshire cat when I saw it, and I had to have it. I wouldn’t have bought it for myself, as it wasn’t particularly cheap, and let’s be honest, who really needs a pineapple lamp in their life? But it was the perfect item to spend those vouchers on.

And when a friend told me that the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, that clinched the deal for me. As WikiAnswers puts it, after Christopher Columbus wrote of the first western encounter with a pineapple in 1493, “the pineapple became a familiar symbolic image of welcome, good cheer, and warmth and affection between all who dwell inside the home”.

See, I knew there was a reason I had to have it.



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