Holiday blues

Although I normally focus on everyday objects in my home, for the past week my home has been the beautiful island of Crete. When I think of the Greek islands, what comes to mind is an array of bright and vivid blues, combined with almost blinding white.

So here’s a little bit of inspiration from my trip, with blue as the key design element:

1) Pale & Interesting

This pale, almost watery wash of blue on an exterior wall works really well  combined with the angular, geometric planting.

2) Stripes Aplenty

A ticking style fabric with a pale blue stripe has a brilliantly rustic feel as a table cloth. Overlaying thick stripes with thinner ones creates an interesting, informal look. Pair this with chairs in a strong, deep colour – either blue to match or red to contrast – and you’re well on the way to creating the perfect dining setting (of course the rustic beams, dappled sunlight and paved flooring helps!)

3) Modern Nautical

I love how these bar stools have taken the traditional Greek combination of blue and white, and applied it in a more contemporary way. The clean angularity of the stools contrasts beautifully with the tonal shades of blue, as well as with the worn white steps behind. The rich wood tabletops add to the nautical feel – very apt, as these stools were outside a bar located right on the edge of a harbour.

A truly inspiring trip, with more images to come in future posts!



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