Good looking and practical – a winning combination

Here’s the first in a new regular series of posts, titled “Objects I wish I had in my home…


The Loft Zig Zag Jielde Floor lamp is number one on my current wish list. Incredibly industrial, with a kind of oddly beautiful angularity, they were designed in 1950 by the French designer Jean-Louis Domecq for use in factories and workshops.  The articulated arms can be adjusted in any direction without any damage to the wiring, meaning they’re incredibly practical, as well as being things of immense beauty. As Bradley Quinn says in his wonderful book Mid-Century Modern, many 1950’s design classics were objects “whose sculptural  and aesthetic qualities paralleled their functional attributes”. Functional and beautiful – in my opinion, a perfect description of the Jielde.

So what’s got me obsessing about this lamp? Well, my next house project is our “family room” – a kind of second reception, library, music and general relaxation room. Although the room still needs work, I love sitting back on our comfy sofa, magazine in one hand and cup of tea in the other. And the Jielde lamp would be the perfect reading light for these rare moments of relaxation!

They seem to work in most settings, whether a sparse, Scandi-style design, or a richer, more opulent scheme. Here’s some examples of these architectural wonders in situ:

Image: Louise Rastall Interiors

Images: Desire to Inspire (looks like this blogger is even more obsessed with them than I am!)

I personally prefer the simple, classic looks of the basic black version, although the beautiful yellow one above works extremely well within that particular scheme. Such design classics, however, command an incredibly high price; and so for now, my Jielde will have to remain simply “an object I wish I had in my home…”



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