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Yellow and grey – a strangely satisfying combination

The other evening, I had an odd moment of design inspiration. Seeing my  yellow cardigan lying on top of the grey blanket on my bed, I couldn’t help but noticing what a great colour combination they made.

There’s just something very satisfying about the bold yellow against the soft, almost dove-grey. And of course, me being me, I immediately wanted to see what kind of inspirational interiors I could find which made the most of this particular colour scheme….

Image: thatkindofwoman via pinterest


Image: Carolyn Lee at Pinterest

I love that something as simple as a casually thrown piece of clothing can be so decoratively inspirational. Well, that’s my excuse for not hanging up my clothes…



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Pretty perfect pizza

I’m not the world’s greatest cook, but there’s one thing I really enjoy making – the kids’ regular Friday night home-made pizza.

There’s something so wonderful about rolling out the dough, stretching it to fit the pizza pan, and then seeing it come out of the oven fifteen minutes later, crispy, crunchy and covered in deliciously melted cheese.

My poor attempt at capturing this culinary miracle on film inspired me to dig out some slightly more inspirational pizza-based images:

Image: Pretty Stuff

Image: Janis Roseanne on Flickr

Image: A Well Travelled Woman

And a final thought…..

Image: ffffound


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Cushions – my (secret) love affair

I love cushions, me. My husband, he’s not so keen. In fact, I’d say he’s pretty much cushion-phobic. Which is why I have to sneak them into the house when he’s not looking, and don’t have half as many as I’d like. Of those that I have managed to surreptitiously find a place for, I’m particularly fond of these:

The one in the middle is by Minimoderns, a range of interiors products designed and produced by London based design and branding agency, Absolute Zero Degrees. Their collection includes some amazing wallpaper, textiles and home accessories. I love that the designs are distinctly retro, but at the same time feel very modern. With their 1950’s feel, they chime well with the anniversary of the Festival of Britain currently being celebrated at the Southbank centre in London.

The two blue cushions are from a wonderful online shop called Fragile Design. I can’t recommend it highly enough for all fans of mid-century modern design; plus the owner Matt was incredibly generous and helpful when my cushion went missing in the post. My gorgeous cushions are vintage 1950’s bark cloth featuring an iconic Stig Lindberg-style pattern.

Here are some other cushions which have caught my eye recently:

Image: Roddy and Ginger

Image: Plumo

Image: Justine Ellis at Folksy

And a final image of just why I love cushions so:

Image: Absolutely Beautiful Things  via Pinterest

Bright, bold and beautiful, I reckon this amazing collection might convince even my husband to appreciate the cushion…


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Complete carnage – how did it get to this?

Ashamed, embarrassed, mortified – yes, all of those. And yet, in the name of frank and honest disclosure, I just had to share with you a view of my boys’ bedroom this morning….

Please don’t be too shocked… I know we need help.

So here’s some inspirational images of kids bedroom (in the hope that some of this design genius/tidying acumen rubs off on us):

Image: via pinterest

(slightly scary – what if they fall out of the top bunk?!)

Image: The Enchanted Home via pinterest

Image: Lonny Magazine

I know – just a simple tidy up would be a start, but I can’t help dreaming about stylishly decorated kids rooms – ones which miraculously seem to contain a tiny fraction of the number of toys/magazines/books/random stuff that seems to end up in my kids’ room.

A final image for you:

Image: Off The Wall Expressions at etsy

Couldn’t agree more!


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Cross stitch – currently very cool

Objects made or given to us by friends have a special place in my home, like this beautiful cross-stitch cushion which has pride of place on our spare bed…

My very creative friend Lois – who specialises in paint finishes with a Bloomsbury twist at her website Bloomsbury Corner – sources old tapestries from second-hand shops and upcycles them into unique, one-off cushions. She backs them with checked fabric, rescued from old shirts, which contrasts cleverly with the traditional scenes depicted on the front. I love this bright and cheery addition to the room, which has the added benefit of being totally original.

It seems as though there are plenty of other cross-stitch cushions out there at the moment:

Image: Elizabeth Bradley

Image: Lovely & Co

Image: Emily Peacock via Nest Goodies

Image: Bloesem Blog

Confession time – I bought the Emily Peacock tapestry “Kiss” kit about 18 months ago, and have completed about half of an “S”! Lucky then that I have some properly crafty friends who are able to create wonderful items for my home…



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