Cross stitch – currently very cool

Objects made or given to us by friends have a special place in my home, like this beautiful cross-stitch cushion which has pride of place on our spare bed…

My very creative friend Lois – who specialises in paint finishes with a Bloomsbury twist at her website Bloomsbury Corner – sources old tapestries from second-hand shops and upcycles them into unique, one-off cushions. She backs them with checked fabric, rescued from old shirts, which contrasts cleverly with the traditional scenes depicted on the front. I love this bright and cheery addition to the room, which has the added benefit of being totally original.

It seems as though there are plenty of other cross-stitch cushions out there at the moment:

Image: Elizabeth Bradley

Image: Lovely & Co

Image: Emily Peacock via Nest Goodies

Image: Bloesem Blog

Confession time – I bought the Emily Peacock tapestry “Kiss” kit about 18 months ago, and have completed about half of an “S”! Lucky then that I have some properly crafty friends who are able to create wonderful items for my home…




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2 responses to “Cross stitch – currently very cool

  1. I tried to purchase the hug kit at Christmas but it was sold out – I guess because it featured on Kirsty’s homemade home. I don’t think I would have stood a chance of completing it though!

  2. Maybe we should pass round my unfinished one to all those who like the idea of it, but don’t have the “staying power” (or perhaps patience…) to do the whole thing. Then we could do a kind of time-share on the finished product – everyone who worked on it could have it in their home for a few months at a time!

    Actually, the more I think about this the more I like it…. Anyone who wants to be part of the first ever “time-share cushion project” let me know, and I’ll post it out!

    A word of warning though – I think I used the wrong blue on the tiny bit I did manage to do!

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