Cushions – my (secret) love affair

I love cushions, me. My husband, he’s not so keen. In fact, I’d say he’s pretty much cushion-phobic. Which is why I have to sneak them into the house when he’s not looking, and don’t have half as many as I’d like. Of those that I have managed to surreptitiously find a place for, I’m particularly fond of these:

The one in the middle is by Minimoderns, a range of interiors products designed and produced by London based design and branding agency, Absolute Zero Degrees. Their collection includes some amazing wallpaper, textiles and home accessories. I love that the designs are distinctly retro, but at the same time feel very modern. With their 1950’s feel, they chime well with the anniversary of the Festival of Britain currently being celebrated at the Southbank centre in London.

The two blue cushions are from a wonderful online shop called Fragile Design. I can’t recommend it highly enough for all fans of mid-century modern design; plus the owner Matt was incredibly generous and helpful when my cushion went missing in the post. My gorgeous cushions are vintage 1950’s bark cloth featuring an iconic Stig Lindberg-style pattern.

Here are some other cushions which have caught my eye recently:

Image: Roddy and Ginger

Image: Plumo

Image: Justine Ellis at Folksy

And a final image of just why I love cushions so:

Image: Absolutely Beautiful Things  via Pinterest

Bright, bold and beautiful, I reckon this amazing collection might convince even my husband to appreciate the cushion…



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