Two ways with books

Ahh, books. I’ve always loved them. As a child, I’d quite often disappear totally and completely into another world whilst reading a book, from which it was quite hard to retrieve me. It’s long been one of my interior dreams to have a proper library space, and we’re sort of getting there with the ever-increasing rows of bookshelves in our family room.

However, my post today focuses on another of our bookshelves – this time in the spare room. I wasn’t sure about doing the whole colour-coded book thing, but I actually really like the result.

There are loads of beautiful examples of this online:

Images: Design Sponge

Image: Elle Decor

Having espoused that particular look, I have to say I’m also partial to a slightly more informal approach to book storage – a simple stack like this one currently residing in my bedroom has a casual feel to it, but can also be quite decorative.

So without further ado, here are some more informal ways with books:


Image: House Beautiful

Image: Tea for Joy

Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s wonderful that books not only inspire, stimulate and entertain through the words written in them, but also by the way they look in your home.



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  1. JustIs

    I love this, using books as a form of art and decoration. It sounds like my kind of heaven. Library at work and library at home! I like the idea of using colour to group them as well, that’s something I do at work with my displays but I wouldn’t have thought of it as a way to make my home look beautiful. Well done Rachey. XX

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