A nesting instinct

A nest of tables has been on my wish list for quite a while now, so I was delighted when I came across this set in a local gallery/interiors shop.

Solid, pleasingly geometric, and with a real mid-century vibe, I love the richness of the teak, which works really well with the stained floorboards. These are now happily ensconced in our family room – which regular readers will know is something of a work in progress. So to update – half the walls have been painted (a beautiful, almost Wedgewood blue by Farrow & Ball – Chinese Blue – which unfortunately hasn’t really come out in the picture). It’s now a matter of finding the time to finish painting – an arduous task considering the hundreds of books that need to be removed before the remaining walls can be painted.

The home-made alcove cupboard is in the process of being emptied (it’s amazing how much junk one family can accumulate – wall calendars from 2006, anyone?), and will be removed soon to make room for more bookshelves. Narrow shelves have been installed along one wall, and filled with school pictures of my two boys. I really love the way you can see their features changing as the years pass – a visual history of my babies turning into toddlers, then children… Amazing how it happens!

But enough nostalgia – here’s some more examples of how nesting tables can work in so many different interiors:

Image: Desire to Inspire

Image: Design Sponge

Image: Chinoiserie Chic

Image: Martha Stewart

Bedroom, living room, even an in-progress family room – it would appear that a nest is just what every home needs.



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