Bare beautiful bricks

Another in the ‘Objects I wish I had in my home‘ series – although it’s not so much an object as a design feature.

I know it might be considered a bit old hat, but I really do love exposed brick walls. I can’t put my finger on it – I just love the unfinished, warehouse feel that a brick wall gives. And for some reason, everything you put in front of it seems to look better.

Not an easy feature to achieve unfortunately – I’m thinking about remodelling my kitchen, and whilst I would absolutely love to have a brick wall as part of the new design, I think my husband would quite probably pack his bags and leave for good if I ever suggested it.

So in the name of marital harmony, I’ll settle for drooling over these lovely pictures instead:

Image: House to Home

Image: DesignTrackMind

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Just as a final note, I’m not a brick purist. Oh no – I’m also really quite partial to white painted bricks as well…

Image: Desire to Inspire

And to be honest, I wouldn’t say no to a coloured brick wall either…

Image: Apartment Therapy

Beautiful, lovely bricks – one day you shall be mine….



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One response to “Bare beautiful bricks

  1. gillyp

    i’m with you! I’d absolutely love a bit of bare brick! xx

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