Deck the halls

Okay, the time has come. I can barely contain my excitement – we’re putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend!

I absolutely love it – to me it’s the chance to give your home a completely different look, even if it is just for a few weeks. I get a lot of ribbing from my friends about it (you know who you are!), but it’s really important to me. It’s a chance to express myself creatively in a completely different way, to create something that looks beautiful, and hopefully brings a little bit of Christmas cheer to any visitors to my home.

I’ve decided on a mainly green, black and white colour scheme this year. I’ve had various parcels arriving over the last week – I’m particularly excited about some gorgeous paper globes from Re which arrived yesterday. But I’ve also gone a bit homemade as well, creating some shapes out of salt dough to hang on the tree and painting them black (it appears that black Christmas decorations are quite hard to find; can’t think why).

I’ve also got some crepe paper streamers that I’m planning on using as a garland, and have seen a great idea for paper rosettes which I’m going to make (found in the Sainsbury’s magazine, but originally from the fantastic Christmas Crafting in No Time by Clare Youngs).

So until next week, when I can share this  year’s decorations with you, here’s a little look at how I did things last year:

Here’s wishing happy Christmas decorating to you all!



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