Friday Favourites

One of my favourite presents this Christmas (apart from the package that opened up to reveal a pair of slipper socks and two packets of pork scratchings – genius) was an amazing book, Just My Type by Simon Garfield. Engrossing, fascinating and endlessly interesting – even to those who might be slightly less typeface-obsessive than me – the inside cover featured a brilliant Periodic Table of Typefaces.

And so here’s my Friday Favourite this week – created by Squidspot design agency, who offer the option for you to print your own version. It’s also available in a number of formats from US company Scribble On Everything.

This is officially one of my favourite things ever.

Personal favourites, I hear you ask? Pretty keen on Gotham (Go), partial to Frutiger (Fr), and also strangely drawn to Rockwell (Ro).




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3 responses to “Friday Favourites

  1. hmmmmm never really thought about typefaces before. You’ve opened a whole new world to me. Think i like Dax but also drawn to Rockwell. Perhaps because its our lovely WI typeface

  2. Wow! Ive got to have this! Thankyou for post…off to track it down for my own typeface obcessive boy.

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