Spring Dreams

Today the sky is a bold, beautiful blue. It’s fresh and crisp and bright out there; the kind of day that has you longing for Spring and the opportunity to get outside and feel the sun on your face. Which got me thinking about our garden, and how utterly sorry for itself it’s looking. Okay, that’s partly due to the time of year, and the wintry months of cold and neglect it’s endured.

But it’s also because for the last couple of years, we’ve given it over to our boys, allowing it to become a football pitch rather than a garden. My husband did some excellent work on it last summer replacing the rotten decking, but the shattered fence panel (which has done a sterling job as a goal for many years) and the patchy grass is going to need a bit more TLC before it can once again become my dream retreat.

And so I bring you a very different Before and After revelation – one where the Before pictures are way, way better than the After:

Before (10 years ago):



After (don’t judge me…):

2015-02-23 10.20.00

It’s embarrassing and quite depressing; so much so, in fact, that we should probably move swiftly on to some beautiful urban gardens to serve as inspiration for us all:

Images: belderbos.co.uk, shelterness.com, remodelista.com, desiretoinspire.net

Well, we can all dream, can’t we?



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