Best of the Rest – Scandi Perfection

The existence of so many wonderful design and interiors blogs means that inspiration is never more than a click away. Idle browsing can result in the happy discovery of a blog where you can while away hours of your time clicking from one amazing home to another.

And so I’ve decided that whenever I come across a site that brings me joy, delight or even just food for thought, I shall share it for your delectation in a new, occasional series, Best of the Rest. A kind of online interiors show and tell, if you like…

Today’s discovery is the absolutely gorgeous My Scandinavian Home, a veritable smorgasbord of clean, crisp Scandi style. It’s a wonderful escape as I sit at the heart of my cluttered home, packed with the detritus of everyday life (at the time of writing, the view from my kitchen table includes the following random objects: a hot glue gun, an empty Starbucks coffee cup, a pile of books waiting to go back to the library, three laptops, an extremely large roll of A3 card, a bottle of wood glue and a tube of Pritt Stick. I’m not sure what the prevalence of adhesives says about us as a family…).

And so if you’re anything like me, I’d highly recommend a brief but blissful trip to the uncluttered, peaceful homes showcased by My Scandinavian Home. Trust me; I’ve looked, and there’s not a single pot of glue to be seen.

All images via My Scandinavian Home


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