Bedroom Bliss

I’ve recently been a little unwell, and have therefore spent an unusual amount of time in my bed. Much more than I’d prefer, to be honest, and what was once a sanctuary turned into a pit of misery and self-pity, with drifts of tissues piling up on the floor and the whiff of cough medicine in the air.

But after a bout of antibiotics I’m finally on the mend, and so I thought I’d pull together a quick post featuring some beautiful bedroom inspiration, in order to remind us that although the room where we sleep is probably the least public of our rooms, it’s still worth making sure that the place where we rest, recuperate, and rejuvenate is somewhere beautiful, restful, calming and serene.

Images from top:,,,,

And my little piece of bedroom bliss? Here’s a sneak peek before the tissues and Night Nurse took over…



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