Stairway to heaven

I was talking ‘interiors’ recently with a good friend who is in the process of redecorating her hall and stairway, and we got to discussing the challenges of dressing such a large expanse of wall.

Staircases are funny spaces; when decorating or planning our interiors, they can easily be overlooked in favour of living rooms, kitchens and other more high profile, clearly defined areas. But actually, in the day to day comings and goings of family life, we probably spend as much time running up and down the stairs as we do sitting and relaxing in other areas of our houses. They take a serious amount of wear and tear, and are often one of the first things that visitors to our houses see.

(Unless of course you live in a bungalow. In which case I’m pleased and slightly surprised you’ve stuck with me this far).

For all those with stairways in need of some care and attention, here are a few ideas for how to create a space with a bit of character, style and flair…

1) Photo Collage
Slightly ubiquitous now, but still a great way of adding interest to a stair wall:


2) Frames
An updated, slightly more quirky version of the photo collage:


3) Other objects
Mirrors, plates, maps, picture shelves; anything goes…:


4) Plain and simple
Of course, there’s nothing to say you need to put anything on your wall. A strong colour, crisp finish and striking light fitting can be enough to make a great first impression…


Whatever style you choose, just make sure that you care about your stair…



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